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Equilibrias is a complete wellness studio

Meet the Founder

Elizabeth Rosenblum

“Elizabeth’s meditations and sound bath experience is soothing and restorative. Allowing the sounds to wash over me creates space to process so much that gets pushed to the side in the day-to-day hustle, and every time I leave one of her sessions I feel more centered, I sleep better, and just have an overall sense of well-being. I am so happy to have found this amazing experience. Elizabeth artfully facilitates the sessions with her soothing voice and healing sound bath symphony.” Liz S.

Elizabeth is the founder of Equilibrias, LLC, a dedicated studio providing transformative experiences in meditation, sound therapy, and mindfulness education. With a profound commitment to fostering conscious and positive change, Elizabeth endeavors to cultivate holistic well-being across the realms of physical, mental, and emotional health, facilitating balance in the lives of her clients and broader community.


Drawing on 30 years of experience and practice in yoga, meditation and energy healing, Elizabeth brings versatility and creativity as a painter, small business owner, and former leader in the non-profit sector.  She traveled to India in 2011 to further her knowledge and earned her 250 hour yoga certification in Nasik, India from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, a university inspired and guided by the Bihar School of Yoga. Her formal training includes a Certification as a MMI Mindful Trainer for employee wellness, 200 hours Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and a certified Professional Coach. She has traveled across the globe to India and Brazil to hone her expertise in breath work, sound healing, meditation, and various healing modalities to earn her certifications as a Sound Therapy practitioner, Therapeutic Tantrez certified, Yoga Nidra teacher, and Reiki master. This is complemented by a master’s degree in public administration from The University of Colorado, Denver, with a focus on leadership training which included a professional Outward-Bound experience.

Her passion is helping others to fully connect to themselves through practices and techniques that help balance the nervous system, optimize the bodies frequency through meditation, sound and vibration to feel more present, energized, and a greater sense of peace. She  integrates and shares different teachings and practices and her ongoing self work towards living a more fulfilling life with greater presence.

In her free time, Elizabeth volunteers by teaching meditation at Kabbalah Experience and other non-profits in the Denver community. She also enjoys reading, painting, reenergizing in nature, travel, dance, yoga, cycling and spending time with family and her dog Milo.


In allowing new awareness & curiosity, anyone can learn to meditate & bring balance to their life.

Our mission:

Provide sound therapy and mindfulness education to help bring conscious and positive changes to one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being to bring balance. Our hope is this will inspire you to create lasting change in your life, organization, and community.

We offer both classes and privates for meditation & mindfulness, sound therapy, sound bath and energy healing sessions.  We also offer 1:1 mindful life coaching, and Mindfulness at Work programs for employee wellness.


Our Vision

We all have an inner knowing that lives within all of us. It is our true essence and is destined to be utilized when we tap into it. This intuitive flow serves as a constant reminder of our divine nature and acts as a companion that supports us through our journey to make transformational change.

My Philosophy

Tapping into the spaciousness that calm brings us can gradually deepen our ability to find wisdom, creativity, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Elizabeth became interested in practicing daily meditation and mindfulness during a challenging time in my life. 

She felt extremely overwhelmed and wanted to bring calm to my life. 

Through daily mindfulness, meditation, and sound healing, She quickly realized the life changing benefits of these practices as it brought ease and compassion in all aspects of her life.  Not only was she able to directly experience the power of these practices more deeply, but her children and those around reaped these benefits too. 

Tapping into the spaciousness that calm brings us can gradually deepen our ability to find wisdom, creativity, and compassion for ourselves and others.  This space also helps us identify our innermost desires, so we can move forward to manifest them.

She is honored to share these benefits with others who would like to bring more relaxation and wellness to their environments and life.

Elizabeth’s passions are empowering others, facilitating groups and individuals through meditation and sound therapy, and nourishing creativity, leadership development, and transformation. Her intention is to lead by example, to continue to grow via life’s hurdles, and to share a wide array of tools and her knowledge that help bring relaxation, balance and overall well-being to individuals, organizations to ride the waves of life more gracefully.

Meditation and sound healing didn’t make life’s hurdles go away, but has become an essential resource, helping me navigate life with more compassion, awareness & balance. 

Through meditation and sound healing you will learn to tap into your inner knowing and true essence.  Learning to access this voice can help you fulfill your dreams and create transformational change and lasting benefits.