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Elevate your life through mindfulness, sound therapy, and energy healing.

Equilibrias is a complete wellness studio. We offer both classes & privates for meditation & mindfulness, sound therapy, sound bath & Reiki energy healing sessions.  

We also offer 1:1 mindful life coaching, & Mindfulness at Work programs for employee wellness.

Our mission is to provide  sound therapy & mindfulness education to help bring conscious & positive changes to one’s balance, health, and well-being. 

Our hope is this will inspire you to create lasting change in your life, organization, and community.

Your wellness guide

Elizabeth Rosenblum

Elizabeth became interested in practicing daily meditation and sound therapy for self-care and quickly realized the benefits were life changing. 

Learning to navigate the stresses of life with more ease and compassion brought calm in all aspects of her life. Not only was she able to directly experience the power of meditation deeply, but her children and those around reaped these benefits too.