Mindfulness at Work

Total self-care can help your employees and organization thrive.

Benefits of workplace mindfulness - balance

Encourage balance

Benefits of workplace mindfulness - awareness & clarity


Benefits of meditation - Increase productivity


Benefits of workplace mindfulness - stress reduction


Benefits of meditation - Improve focus


A corporate wellness program shows your team that you care for them holistically.

The modern world is filled with stressors, both at the workplace and at home.  By incorporating mindfulness in the workplace, you can help your team find more clarity, calm, and focus. 

I will collaborate with you to hear your team’s unique needs and create a session tailored to your goals. 

“Elizabeth came to our office to kick off our department retreat & really set a positive (and unique!) tone for the 2 days of business meetings.

She is a true professional & is clearly passionate about her craft. I had never experienced anything like this before & was admittedly a bit curious in the beginning, but Elizabeth did a wonderful job of creating a positive mood to make everyone feel relaxed & comfortable.

She provided an authentic & immersive experience for our entire group which was definitely one of the highlights of our retreat! I highly recommend this for any organization that is looking for a unique experience that focuses on employee wellbeing. Thank you, Elizabeth – we hope to have you back again in the future!”


Each workplace wellness experiences is unique. Reach out below to start creating yours.

I look forward to guiding your team through a supportive and balancing experience.