Private Meditation Sessions

Take your meditation practice to the next level.

Anyone can learn to meditate!

Do  you want to deepen your practice, learn how to meditate, or bring calm to your life?

As a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and sound healer, I offer a range of techniques to lead you through meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, sound healing, personalized Yoga Nidra, breath work, and Reiki energy healing sessions.

I tailor my approach based on your needs and desires, making learning to meditate easy and relaxing.  Book your private meditation lesson below.

Please contact me with your specific needs. 

Transform Your Life – Simple Easy Every Day (SEED)


Learn how to make meditation a SEED Simple Easy and Every Day part of your life. Learn to meditate and feel good about your practice! This is a wonderful course for new meditators or those who would like to go deeper with their practice. Discover a variety of meditation practices and powerful tools to help you navigate stress, increase focus, creativity and transform your life.

You’ll also learn and experience these practices:

Balancing Breath Technique, Mindful Body and Breath Awareness Practice, Heart-Centered Breath Practice,Self-Inquiry Practice, Silent Sound (mantra) Meditation

Some of what you will learn:

  • The essentials for a successful meditation practice
  • The effects of stress and how to release it through
    effective techniques using Peacefinder Practices
  • How meditation trains your brain
  • Easy-to-use meditation techniques guided and personalized meditation instruction
  • How you can be more mindful in your everyday life

This course can be taken as an individual or with a group tailored to your schedule.

Please contact me to book your class.

Private Meditation Session Pricing

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